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How It Works
What is the Buy A Racehorse EXCHANGE?

The EXCHANGE allows individual owners to sell their own personal share in a named racehorse. Individual owners can list their share on the EXCHANGE independent of other owners. 

The EXCHANGE provides a platform for sellers and buyers to negotiate the transfer of an individual share in a racehorse, for a fair market value.

Why sell your share in a racehorse?

The reasons for selling are various. 

  1. Often an individual owner can no longer afford to pay the monthly fees, or wants to sell due to lifestyle changes. 
  2. Some owners want to maximise their return on investment for their share, and sell when the racehorse is winning, and worth more on the open market
  3. Often owners are within the minority wanting to sell, when an offer is made from Asia to purchase their horse. 

Whatever your reason, the EXCHANGE provides an opportunity for all owners to list their share on the open market and find a buyer willing to buy out their share at fair market value.

How will buyers know my share is for sale?

Buyers can search the Buy A Racehorse EXCHANGE by horse name to find active listings. 

Buy a Racehorse has a database of more than 6,000 people actively searching for horses on a weekly basis. 

Buy A Racehorse will also promote new listings via our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Emails to encourage interest.

Who is an individual owner, and how can it be confirmed?

An individual owner wishing to list and sell their share on the EXCHANGE, must be a named owner as listed on current records with Racing Australia. A search of the URL will confirm current and legal ownership.

How do you list a racehorse?

To list your racehorse share you would like to sell you need to create your own free user account.  After you create your user account login with your user name and password. When logged into your user account click the create listing button which will grant access to enter all relevant information, sale price, photos and video of your racehorse.  

Do I need a syndicator's licence to list my share in a racehorse?

No you don't need a syndicators license to sell your share of a racehorse. You can list the share you legally own and are selling, set the price and active racehorse buyers will make contact with you. 

What price can I sell my share for?

The price you set is what the you are prepared to accept. You can sell your share for as little or as much as someone is willing to pay for it. It is up to you and the purchaser to come to an agreement. at which time you will need to sign the relevant transfer documentation.  

What if I change my mind and want to keep my share?

As a registered user, you can edit or delete your listing at any time. The listing fee is non-deductible in all circumstances.

How do I sell my share and transfer ownership of my share in a racehorse?

To sell your share in a racehorse, only requires the managing owner and yourself to sign the relevant transfer documentation to legally transfer your share to another person. The managing owner is the first named owner listed on current records with Racing Australia as per the Rules of Racing.

How does a seller and purchaser facilitate the transfer of funds and documents?

We encourage both parties, the seller and buyer to utilise Buy a Racehorse to facilitate the exchange of funds and documents. 

The seller can email the signed transfer documents to

The purchaser can transfer funds to Buy A Racehorse ANZ Trust Account BSB 013259 ACC 4109 08177

Once funds and signed transfer document has been received, funds and documents will be released to both parties.

Who pays the transfer of ownership fee to Racing Australia?

It is the responsibility of the buyer to complete the new owner details and lodge with Racing Australia along with payment of the transfer fee at their earliest convenience.

How much does it cost?

To list your racehorse on the Buy A Racehorse EXCHANGE costs $165 inc GST. After completing your listing you will be prompted to pay the listing fee. The listing fee must be paid via online credit card transaction prior to the listing becoming accessible. The listing will be available the instant the transaction has processed.

How long will my listing remain online?

There is no set time limit associated to the listing fee so your listing will remain online and available to viewers for as long as you need it to be. You can edit your listing anytime to change descriptions, text and pricing as required. If you sell your share or no longer wish to retain your listing then you can mark the listing as sold or delete the listing via your registered user account.

Are there any hidden costs?

Nothing apart from the once off non-redeemable fee of $165 inc GST to list your racehorse. The Buy A Racehorse EXCHANGE takes no commission from sales and is not responsible or involved in the sales and/or the negotiation process.