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POV owners experience

Posted: 19th Apr 2016

You approach the on course bookmaker trying to hide the huge smirk that you know is planted across your face. You have been frantically searching for the best price possible and have finally picked your bookmaker. You nervously yet confidently place your big $100 bet each way at 25-1 trying to be as subtle and cool as possible but the truth is you can't contain your excitement and as you are handed your betting slip you exclaim “this is my girl's first start!” A simple “good luck” and a rise smile from the bookmaker is all you get in response as you scurry away to the mounting yard to be with the other owners. Your trainer has been very modest and reserved in his assessment of her chances in her first start. He explains to the bunch of first time owners that a finish in the top four would be a great result, citing the fact that she had missed a trial, was a little overweight and drawn the outside barrier as the main cause for concern. He may as well have been talking Japanese as you smile and nod, confident that your girl will give it her best.

It has been an enduring 18 months since you decided to take the plunge into the world of a racehorse owner. Finally picking out which syndication company to go with and settling on a small and stocky filly. You have sweated on every email and update that has been made available since the day the syndicate purchased her for a mere $12 000. You have continually described yourself as a mug punter to friends and family because most of your friends don't understand why you spend so much time and money on the 'nags'. You have always had a love for horse racing and the decision to buy into a racehorse has opened up a whole new side to the 'Sport of Kings'.

She hits the top of the straight two lengths in front and you have never been so nervous in your life. The adrenaline is pumping and for the only time in your life in racing, it's not about the money. This horse, that has become such a prominent figure in your life and that you have grown to love, kicks clear and wins her first start by four lengths. The joy is overwhelming as you celebrate with the other owners who have shared this amazing journey with you. All of a sudden the possibilities in this game seem endless and as you collect your winnings from the bookmaker you give him a rise smile. It is a smile that he has seen plenty of times over and as he hands you the money he returns the smile. He is just happy to have seen another punter bitten by the thrill of racehorse ownership.

By Joshua Bell